Private Beta - No charge at this time for all levels, this will change once the site goes live, private beta uploaders will get a discount for a few years

Level One - Able to rate, review, and comment in forums, and upload 6 images a year, max 10mb per image.

Level Two - Able to upload 12 images a year, max 30mb per image, along with all of Level One

Level Three - Able to upload 24 images a year, no size constraints, along with all of Level One

Level Four - Able to upload an unlimited number, with no size constraints.

Moderators wanted. A moderator is specialized to certain areas to help maintain data integrity, consistancy, resolve conflicts, and help maintain overall order. Moderators will be given discounts based on their contribution levels.

"I am only an egg, with waiting, I will grok in fullness" - Michael Valentine Smith