This page was developed out of boredom and frustration with the other sites that I have seen for sharing astrophotography images. I had considered contributing to one of the other sites that is open source but decided I would do my own site. The core of the site is based on my Concert Database site ( / The Concert Database had been my resume for the last 20 years, helping me to get jobs at Burston-Marsteller and Amazon, along with aiding in my job at T-Mobile. The Concert Database was where I experimented with all sorts of programming ideas and concepts, going through several iterations, and programming languages.

So now I have taken the accumulated knowledge of 40 years of programming and 20 years of database development to create this site. As I have learned at Amazon, when developing something, go big, go all out. If it fails it fails, but if it succeeds you have at least the framework to scale. Everything on the site is built dynamically, this means the site can be customized to specific languages and regions. I have incorporated search suggestions on all text fields, to help with data consistency. I have backend solutions to account for alternate spellings, variations, and typos. While I have built the site, to meet my expectations, I look forward to your suggestions and feedback, as that is the only way to make the site even better.

Warren Landis.

"I am only an egg, with waiting, I will grok in fullness" - Michael Valentine Smith